GREEN Friday, a tree for every work of art!

GREEN Friday, a tree for every work of art!

You can't ignore it, all the actions around Black Friday. You just get lost online. I knew I was going to put my artwork online during this time. The offer, discount and promotion, promotion, promotion time. Of course I also thought; do I have to do a Black Friday promotion for extra findability and attention.

I've decided not to. I don't want to convey that with my artwork. The artworks are for everyone, that's what I wanted to make. Art for everyone without action!

A work of art is something personal, something that you should like and that you want to look at longer. No fleeting purchase with an action button! I hope that everyone can and wants to make slightly more sustainable choices just by thinking about it a little longer.

You may think a work of art do I need it?! (Marie Kondo) I think so! A work of art in your interior gives warmth, energy and a conversation. You get to know yourself and someone else, what you like, you gain self-confidence and learn to give an opinion without talking through art.

After my first week I received a lot of nice reactions. And on that energy and 'attention' I will continue. I have joined #greenfriday from Trees for all.

That's why I'm planting trees with you this week. A tree for every work of art.


'Trees for All has been committed to a forested world for more than 20 years. We plant trees in the Netherlands and abroad and make people aware of the importance of trees. This is how we ensure a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions for everyone!'