MY Philosophy

Art is personal, everyone likes it. Me too. For my first collection I was inspired by nature. The lines in the NATURE COLLECTION give peace from within. Just like nature. And the bright colors of the barge frame? Yes, we also have these bright colors in nature.

To connect. That's what art is for. I think it's important that everything I make or do connects and makes someone think.

Art is for everyone.

Time to follow creativity and make art

Sketch a path with lines that you can fill in with your own creativity

GREEN Friday, a tree for every work of art!

GREEN Friday, a tree for every work of art!

You may think a work of art do I need it?! (Marie Kondo) I think so! A work of art in your interior gives warmth, energy and a conversation. You get to know yourself and someone else, what you like, you gain self-confidence and learn to give an opinion without talking through art.

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